Enduring wine brand Mateus Rosé has been given its first major packaging overhaul in more than 60 years on shelf. The Portuguese wine keeps its distinctive carafe-style bottle, although the new version is more compact and has a taller neck. A new, smaller label and neck foil are also aimed at giving the bottle a cleaner image and less clustered feel, while the Mateus name has been given greater prominence in a bid to attract greater attention. Southampton-based First Drinks Brands, which distributes the £3.99 (75cl) wine in the UK, believes the new bottle, which was launched this week, will improve standout on shelf. It also hopes the move will help add to the more than 2 million bottles it sold last year. Jon Evans, brand manager for Mateus Rosé at First Drinks Brands, said the new packaging could only add to sales which he claimed were up by more than 25% in the past 18 months. Part of that success, he said, was due to the popularity of smaller 37.5cl and 25cl bottles which will also get the new packaging. "We are confident the enhanced and improved bottle will stand out and appeal to the trade and consumers alike," he said. "This was certainly the case when it was first launched in the UK market nearly 50 years ago, and the impact has been such that it has left a lasting impression upon both the market and consumers." Those who are persuaded to return to the brand may notice a drier taste than they remember, he added. The current medium dry taste is the result of a gradual reduction in sugar. {{DRINKS }}