Sir; While your new campaign against the Nutrient Profiling Model may have good intentions, it was bitterly disappointing to read and see oven chips being inaccurately tagged as a food 'with no nutritional value'.

McCain oven chips are simply made from real potatoes lightly cooked in sunflower oil and contain only 5% fat.

The potato is a good, affordable and nutritious food. It is an important source of carbohydrate and a valuable source of fibre and vitamin C. The British Nutrition Foundation cites potatoes as one of the key four food groups people should eat every day.

McCain oven chips contain less than 1% saturated fat and only 4% of an adult's GDA - green under the FSA's traffic light labelling scheme.

The inference is that oven chips should not escape the ban, which we simply do not understand. As your campaign focuses on portion size let's look at a 135g portion of oven chips. Guess what? - it still features the same colours on pack under the FSA traffic-light system.

We have worked hard over the past five years to ensure our products are healthy and are tired of being unnecessarily dragged into a debate that does not concern us.