Booths is to introduce a black pudding made the traditional way, as one of the latest products from its Forgotten Foods project.

The project was launched in 2010 when Booths decided to champion traditional foods it believed needed a boost.

Booths hopes the Blood Black Pudding - produced by a free-range pig farmer near Morecambe Bay - will go into stores next month.

The black pudding had been difficult to bring to stores because it was made with fresh pigs blood, Booths claimed. Public health regulations, which govern the blood’s transport and use, made it difficult to procure, as did the fact that most animals were now slaughtered at centralised abattoirs, the retailer said.

“Most producers use a dried blood-powder mix that doesn’t have the same intensity of flavour,” a Booths spokeswoman explained. Booths’ black pudding producer is able to use fresh blood by registering as a waste transporter.

Other forgotten foods brought back by Booths include Morecambe Bay potted shrimp, Manx kippers, Grimsby smoked haddock, whey cream butter, Formby asparagus, damson jelly and York ham.