Lidl has reiterated its commitment to British pig farmers after “disappointing” on fresh pork in the latest AHDB Porkwatch survey.

The discounter, which was praised for switching to 100% British fresh pork in October last year, departed the National Pig Association’s ‘hundred percenters club’ in March 2016, when British fresh pork facings slipped from 100% to 90%.

The National Pig Association said it was “disappointed” with the change, though it praised Lidl for increasing the amount of British bacon, ham and sausages on shelves compared with the same period last year.

A Lidl spokeswoman said the discounter remained committed to sourcing 100% of its everyday listed fresh pork from British farmers. The percentage drop reflected a limited-edition pork special of EU origin that had been sold over Easter alongside the core British range, she added.

“We are proud to source British pork, and as the fastest-growing retailer of fresh pork in the UK [Kantar 52 w/e 27 16 March], feel this continued commitment to sourcing British pork can only be of benefit to the British pig farming industry,” she said.