Waitrose has partnered with New Zealand meat supplier Anzco to launch a range of branded lamb.

The six-strong Longdown range, which hit shelves last week, comprises lamb cutlets, joints, rib, stuffed rolled breasts, burgers and kebabs.

The meat comes from pasture-fed Longdown breed lambs, and the brand’s silver gun-metal packaging features the New Zealand fern.

The range, which carries cooking suggestions, would encourage new consumers to try lamb and re-engage existing consumers looking for something a little different, said Waitrose lamb buyer Peter Heywood.

“Anzco and Waitrose have been working together to develop a breed of lamb that delivers a great eating experience and performs well for farmers,” he said.

Anzo said chilling the lamb and ageing it during shipping gave consistent succulence and tenderness and superior flavour. The meat will be processed and packed by Waitrose meat processor Dalehead Foods.

The idea was to connect UK consumers with New Zealand lamb via a high-quality product produced with as little environmental impact as possible, said Anzco.