Pub landlord Al Murray will need a new catchphrase if the latest NPD from Molson Coors does its job.

The brewer is hoping it will be more beer and less 'white wine/fruit-based drink for the lady' after it rolls out its female-friendly brand Animée.

Molson Coors has unveiled details of the brand and new premium beer Carling Chrome three months after The Grocer ­revealed it was developing the products, which were then going by the names Carling Prime and Amina.

Set to launch in September, Animée is a three-strong range of flavoured 4% abv beers that are lower in calories and less carbonated than standard beer. Molson Coors has not yet set an rsp or finalised the range of flavours but confirmed the standard version of the 330ml bottled beer will be clear, while the flavoured versions will be coloured. The brand's name is derived from a French word that means upbeat or lively.

"The launch is about getting women to reappraise the beer category," said Molson Coors commercial communications partner Kristy McCready. "Many women feel the beer category is tired, old-fashioned and just not for them."

A key attribute of Animée is the lower carbonation, which is designed to reduce the risk of the drinker feeling bloated, said McCready. "Bloating is a real issue for many women when it comes to their choice of drink," she added.

The company said it was being careful not to patronise women with the launch, but added that it would be "madness" to ignore half the population of the UK.

"Just 13% of beer is consumed by women in the UK lower than just about anywhere except France while in the US 25% of beer is consumed by women."

Marketing would be focused on raising awareness and getting women to try the beer, she added. "Sampling and trial will be at the heart of our activity."

The brewer is also launching Carling Chrome a 4.8% abv premium lager described as having a light colour, a refreshing, crisp flavour and lower carbonation than standard Carling. The 330ml bottled beer will be rolling out to retailers at the end of August.

The brewer said Chrome was aimed at drinkers who were loyal to the Carling brand but wanted more ­flavour or a product more suitable for an occasion such as a BBQ or dinner a similar approach to that taken by Heineken UK with the development of premium Foster's brand extension Foster's Gold [The Grocer, 2 July, p28].

Chrome's name reflected the technology behind its development, it said. The brand will be supported by above-the-line marketing from October, including outdoor advertising.