Morrisons is adding two Chinese wines to its shelves in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations at the beginning of February and ahead of the Olympic Games in Beijing later this year.

The wines, part of the Silk Road range, are produced in an ethically run vineyard and winery in the North West of China. The vineyards were set up by the local government, which also provides growers with advice and technical assistance.

Both the wines are made from international varietals - a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay - and will retail for £5.99.

Chinese brewers are already preparing for a boost and are hoping to make the most of the growth in interest in China this year.

Tsingtao, distributed in the UK by Halewood International, is planning to capitalise on its status as an official sponsor of the Olympic Games, while Zhujiang , a new addition to the market, will focus on its sponsorship of the Chinese basketball team.