A meal deal run by Morrisons with Sun Lik beer has been extended from its original two-week run to the whole of 2011.

Morrisons said the Oriental beer performed well when it was launched in stores as part of a meal deal in the run-up to Chinese New Year last month. It sold almost 100,000 bottles in the two weeks before Chinese New Year on 3 February.

The retailer has now opted to run the £8 deal throughout 2011. The offer comprises four spring rolls, a choice of two mains (chicken in black bean; sweet & sour chicken; or Chinese chicken curry), two portions of rice and two 500ml bottles of Sun Lik.

"Morrisons is fantastic at promoting meal deals with beer in-store so we are delighted to partner with them for the exclusive ­grocery launch of Sun Lik," said Deighton Ridge, grocery controller at Sun Lik distributor Shepherd Neame.