Morrisons has won the final pricing contest of 2008, making it two weeks in a row at the top.

Asda was firmly shunted into second place by Morrisons' £53.09 basket, which was a full £1.87 cheaper than the usual champion of cheap's £54.96 offering.

Morrisons secured the victory despite being beaten on price by at least one rival on 16 of the 33 items. However, on the items where Morrisons was cheapest, it meant business. Its grapes cost a whole £1/kg less than Asda's, it was 49p cheaper than its nearest rival on mini pork pies, and 39p cheaper on balsamic vinegar.

Even so, its basket was up slightly week-on-week, after it failed to make any significant price cuts and added 24p to the price of Birds Eye Simply Cod.

Although Asda was beaten on price on just 13 items - fewer than any of its rivals - this wasn't enough to beat Morrisons. Two prices hikes, of 42p on Cheddar slices and 54p on Birds Eye Simply Cod, helped push up the total cost.

Tesco held on to third place with a basket just 12p more expensive than Asda's, and a solid 89p ahead of fourth-placed Sainsbury's. Had it not hiked the price of HP Sauce from £1.39 to £1.98, it would have taken second spot.

Sainsbury's £55.97 basket was the most expensive of the big four's, but remained significantly cheaper than Waitrose's. The retailer increased the price of Green Giant Sweetcorn by 14p to 58p, but provided one of only two substantial discounts this week, cutting its fruit scones from 78p to 69p. Its basket was the only one to fall in price week-on-week, by 0.3%.

This week's Waitrose basket was 13% more expensive than the cheapest. The retailer matched Sainsbury's price hike on Green Giant sweetcorn, upped HP Sauce by 35p and loose courgettes by 20p/kg. But it also delivered this week's biggest reduction, thanks to a promotion on double cream that cut the price from £1.09 to 80p, a 26.6% saving.