Morrisons remains number one for the second week but rather than maintaining a healthy five percentage points lead over the second-placed retailer as it did last week, it is threatened by Safeway which has jumped up the chart from number four and is only two percentage points behind.
Tesco is stable in third place while Sainsbury moves up one place to number four. Morrisons continues to make good use of floor stacks to highlight promotions, most particularly for those on alcoholic and soft drinks.
The category chart is relatively stable with positions one, two and four remaining unchanged.
Soft drinks has reduced the lead of alcoholic drinks by just one percentage point, with the separation still standing at 10. Within the alcoholic drinks category there seems to be a larger number of spirits on promotion, supporting those on lagers and beers. Spirits on promotion include Pimms, Gordon's and Smirnoff.
Nestlé and Stella Artois swap places at the top of the brand chart with Nestlé currently in the lead.
Walkers, Heinz and Coca-Cola all continue in the same positions as last week while the remainder of the chart is taken over by new entries.
The highest of these is Kellogg's at number four. Other new entries include Birds Eye, Cadbury, Golden Wonder and Robinsons.
In the own label brand chart, frozen bumps household from number one to take its place. The category stands well ahead of the field with a wide variety of products on promotion. Cakes and biscuits comes in as the only new entry this week to take third place.