Roger Ramsden, Safeway's marketing director and temporary manager of Safeway High Wycombe, stops by a display of cakes to tidy some apricot tarts that are sitting askew. Unfortunately the packaging is slippery and the more he tries to straighten them the more the tarts slide off the sloping shelf until he ends up juggling cakes. Laughing at himself, Ramsden talks about how important "his" store and the way it looks have become to him over the past four weeks. As he walks around, he is constantly tidying and sorting out the shelves, asking staff to sort out this or that. Ramsden has clearly taken to his new role. At 40, he has worked his way up through brand management, consulting and strategic marketing jobs in a variety of companies, to reach the role of marketing director at Safeway. Ending up running a suburban supermarket from a scruffy communal office presumably wasn't on the game plan and at first the urbane Ramsden seems a little out of place ­ until he starts talking about the store and his job. "I'm having a wonderful time, some of the most exciting days I've had in a long time in a reasonably varied career." He loves supermarkets, he says, and running one well is a demanding and skilled role. "Just to watch the store fill up with people and the products move through the warehouse, the store and out the door ­ there's this wonderful daily cycle," he says. And it sounds like he's telling the truth. He admits he was nervous when the idea first came up, but it sounds as though Ramsden is actually having a bit of fun. GRO|24/6/00 |53 |MORNING TUMMIES RUMBLING |Ennis Foods is rolling out Rumblers Bio, a new addition to its breakfast-on-the-move portfolio, as it aims for a firmer grip on the growth in "deskfast". Rumblers Bio consists of cereal clusters with raspberries or hazelnuts, together with a separate serving of pouring yogurt and a spoon. They join the four Rumblers fresh milk and cereal twin pots launched last year. Trial prices will be offered in some outlets throughout the summer, with sampling at others. Sampling at station concourses in September is backed by an outdoor commuter campaign. The company says nearly three quarters of adults leave home without breakfast between one and three times a week. {{P&P }}