Kelvin Clibbon

Kelvin Clibbon

Waitrose and M&S’ PoS marketing specialist Ecrebo has appointed Kelvin Clibbon as its new chief technology officer.

Clibbon will oversee the growth of Ecrebo’s technology team to enhance Ecrebo’s point of sale marketing platform OnPoint to meet the changing needs of retailers across the globe.

He will also work closely with the executive team to ensure that product development meets the needs of Ecrebo’s customers and stakeholders.

Clibbon brings more than 20 years of experience in developing innovative products.

He was previously chief technology officer at digital healthcare company Lumeon. He also led a team of more than 250 engineers at e-commerce and mobile payments provider Powa Technologies.

“Ecrebo presents an opportunity to join one of the most exciting growth software companies in Europe today, with the optimal blend of an impressive customer base, strong growth, both domestically and internationally, and a leadership team I truly believe in,” said Clibbon.

“From a technology perspective, I am impressed and excited by the innovative nature of the OnPoint solution suite, which serves a true market need for powerful yet simple customer-centric marketing capabilities that are not often found in enterprise applications.”

Ecrebo CEO David Buckingham added: “Kelvin comes to Ecrebo at an inflection point for our business. Our customer base continues to grow quickly in both the UK and the US and the launch of OnPoint brings our entire point of sale marketing power into a single robust product suite. Kelvin’s technical expertise and executive experience will help Ecrebo evolve from successful startup into an established growth technology company at the forefront of the market.”

The appointment comes as part of wider global expansion plans, which saw the launch of OnPoint last month.

Last year, Ecrebo invested £12m in the business and appointed David Buckingham as CEO. It also launched into the US with the appointment of its US branch president Mike Grimes in 2017.