Industry charity GroceryAid raised a record £4.5m (£4,549,480) this year through annual events and donations.

In its annual review covering 2014/15 the charity, which provides support to people working in the grocery industry, revealed that just under £4m (£3,957,787) was spent on welfare.

This welfare spend was up 3% on last year with a total of 3,300 people supported financially and more than 2,400 of those receiving regular payments. In addition, 4,450 people were helped through the GroceryAid helpline.

“We know that life events - unforeseen illness, bereavement and relationship breakdown- are often triggers of poverty and our welfare strategy focuses around such occasions,” director general Gillian Barker said.

“During the last twelve months we have launched our Carers initiative giving support to those who juggle work and caring responsibilities. We have recently introduced a support package of financial aid for this with more than five-years service who have hit an immediate but short term crisis.”