Dairy Crest has added a new splash of colour to its St Ivel Mr Juicy range of drinks with a pack redesign.
The brand’s one-litre and 200ml cartons have been redesigned to emphasise the fruit content and health benefits of the range, which includes pure orange, apple, grapefruit, pineapple and tomato juices.
Each Mr Juicy character is in the guise of the appropriate fruit and an invitation to try the other juices in the range is given on the carton side.
Brand manager Carrianne
Dobson said: “This is the first time Mr Juicy has had a facelift for around 15 years.
“It is a very popular brand and we want to build on that with the fresh, new approach.
“The one-litre packs are used largely in the foodservice sector, whereas the individual 200ml portions are aimed at on-the-go consumption.” The drinks contained no added preservatives, added Dobson.