Müller Dairy UK has axed its Stars range of children's yoghurts, blaming poorer than expected sales.

Müller Stars was launched in June last year in a bid to bridge the gap between Müller's Little Stars toddlers' range and Müller's adult yoghurts. However, the brand was pulled after barely seven months on shelf.

Although sales had exceeded £1m by the end of October, new products needed to show "exceptionally high levels of growth within a very short timescale," said marketing director Lee Rolston.

Instead of trying to push Stars further, Müller had ­instead decided "to focus our attention on developing our core portfolio," he added.

Müller had earmarked £1m to support the launch of Stars, targeted at four to eight-year-olds, including sponsorship with CiTV.

Müller Little Stars, launched in July 2006, are still on sale.