John West has overhauled its packaging to give more prominence to the John West branding and inject a bit more interest into the canned fish fixture. It has invested £500,000 in the new look which the company hopes "will prompt consumers to think afresh when shopping the fixture". Jeremy Coles, John West general manager UK Seafood Marketing, admitted that the old look packaging made the brand seem recessive, and that "it said more about the product than it did about John West itself". Coles said the new look ­ the first revamp for 10 years ­ is more modern and up to date, it has introduced a wave device and fish motif and it has made the John West name more prominent. This is to "confirm John West's heritage as the authority in the canned fish market" so that consumers know it is John West tuna, and not tuna from John West. The idea, said Coles, is to make it easier to find John West products and to "create consistency in a messy and confusing fixture". It also aims to entice consumers to buy other products in the range. Coles said: "Consumers trust John West and the quality its products represent. Now we are giving them greater confidence to make impulse buys across the portfolio." The canned fish market is worth £324.8m, of which John West has a 30% value share and a 24% volume share, making it market leader. The market grew by 3% last year fuelled by the tuna category which is valued at £168.2m. {{P&P }}