Nestlé is doing its bit to boost the energy levels of the nation's youth with the launch of Nescafé Original 3in1, a pre-mixed blend of coffee, whitener and sugar aimed at the "hassle-free" generation.

The instant coffee innovation will be available in single sachets (rsp: 25p), to target impulse buyers in ­c-stores, and also a pouch pack of 10 sachets (rsp: £1.99), which will be aimed at the multiples.

Both formats will hit stores from the end of September in time for the new university year, when Nestlé predicted students would be most encouraged to trial the NPD.

Younger consumers and in particular students would enjoy the flavour of 3in1 as its mixture of powdered Nescafé Original coffee, whitener and sugar provided a "sweeter, creamy tasting coffee" that was quicker and more convenient to prepare than regular coffees, it said.

The majority of the target audience took their coffee with sugar and milk, it said, adding that 3in1 would encourage young people to reappraise the coffee category and would also appeal to light coffee users.

"Convenience continues to dominate the category but nowhere is this more prominent than when ­targeting consumers under 25," said Katy Hilditch, head of marketing at Nescafé. "Research shows younger consumers see coffee as providing them with a boost and as an ­aspirational rite of passage. They are already engaging with the out-of-home arena and so the opportunity therefore was to develop a product that will appeal to them in a format that fits with their lifestyles."

The product, which has been available across Europe since 2003, was ­described as "clever and ­insightful" by Rosa Wilkinson, branding consultant at The Value Engineers. "This could drive relevance for the Nescafé masterbrand," she said. "Coffee has had to make itself more relevant today's younger consumers are even more demanding of convenience than a couple of generations ago."