Nestlé is aiming to re-establish the "iconic status" of Nescafé through a £43m marketing investment the biggest spend in the brand's 70-year history.

The campaign will carry the strapline Coffee at its Brightest and kicks off on Monday with a TV and multimedia pack.

It is expected to run until the end of 2010. A £12.5m chunk of the spend will be devoted to marketing during the rest of 2009, a figure the fmcg giant claims is 50% larger than last year's total.

Nestlé wants to raise the profile of instant coffee among 18 to 30-year-olds. It would address the misconceptions younger consumers had about the quality of instant coffee, said Matt Hall, managing director of Nestlé UK's food and beverage division.

"The category requires a step change in communication. If we are to build long-term success, driving the relevance and role of instant coffee for our customers, shoppers and consumers is vital," said Hall.

He expected the campaign to reconnect consumers with Nescafé coffee's "journey from plant to jar" and to highlight the origins of the beans.

"We're taking coffee out of the kitchen where it's usually seen in advertising and back to its origins in the forests of Brazil. We want to celebrate the naturalness of the product."

As part of its natural focus, the company is introducing Nescafé Green Blend in September. It was the UK's first coffee to combine green coffee beans, which contain high levels of polyphenol antioxidants, and rich roasted coffee beans, claimed Nestlé.

The company hopes the Green Blend (rsp: £2.98 for a 100g jar) will appeal to health-conscious shoppers. "It will attract consumers who might have moved from coffee to green tea," said Graham Walker, trade communications manager. "And it will bring in new shoppers who haven't bought coffee because they have seen it as unhealthy."