Value retailer Netto is going all out to position its alcoholic drinks offering firmly under its Smart Shopping banner.

A spokesman said the chain was "definitely punching above its weight" in booze. Current offers include three spirits brands exclusive to the chain - Kasoff Vodka at just £6.23 for a 70cl bottle, and King's Court Dry Gin at the same price point, as well as Maruis De Breund Fine Brandy, priced at £6.49.

Later this month, a South African Cape red Roodeburg 2003 from KMV, which is described as carrying scents of green pepper, cinnamon, and blackberry combined with hints of chocolate, will go on offer at £4.99 - £2.00 under the rsp. Netto stores carry up to 1,100 different food and non-food lines, of which about 25 are wines, including names such as Hardy's and Nottage Hill.

However, the chain also has a number of short term spot lines and special offers on vintage wines, such as Bordeaux and Beaujolais, three or four times a year.

"We have to move quickly on these once sourced," said the spokesman. "They tend to be in and out of the store very quickly.

The turnover in quality booze offers shows Netto's renaissance in the eyes of the middle classes. "It's one of the ways we've been tackling our image problems," added the spokesman.

The Smart Shopping concept aims to deliver the best quality products to its customers at the lowest prices by brokering the best deals.