First it was Princess Anne, then Camilla. Now Jonathan Crisp is courting further controversy by featuring a cartoon look-alike of former Royal butler Paul Burrell on its new Apple Nibbles.
The air-dried, 1% fat apple crisps (rsp: 99p for 40g and £1.99 for 100g) are the first in the company’s extension into vegetable and fruit crisps. Apple Nibbles will be sold from June under a Snacks for Snobs label, alongside Crisps for Snobs.
MD Paul Saxby, who agreed the picture looked like a “posh butler”, said the fruit crisp sector offered significant growth as it was seen as a healthy alternative. “The hand-cooked crisp market hardly existed 15 years ago; now it is a £50m+ segment and still growing strongly. There is no reason why this new sector could not replicate that,” he said.
The company got into hot water with the Royals over a caricature of Princess Anne on a packet of its Horseradish & Sour Cream crisps. Last month, it redesigned the packet with a lookalike of Prince Charles’s wife.