Nestlé Rowntree has become the latest confectionery giant to unveil its offering for retailers and consumers at Christmas. Top of the tree this time round is a revamp for perennial star performer After Eight with the boxed wafer chocolate mints getting a full relaunch and a new look. The iconic After Eight clock gets a redesign and new pack formats aim at encouraging new usage occasions. The current range is being extended to include a new, curved gift pack. An impulse concertina pack also debuts and aims to be the ideal stop gap for informal get-togethers. Designed for sharing, it contains 10 mints for 99p. Graham Walker, sales communications manager, said: "The new design has a much more modern feel to it and is certain to attract new, younger consumers to the brand. We also think the new concertina pack will increase After Eight's impulse appeal still further." The whole revamped After Eight range will be available from the end of August, he added, and will be backed by a £2.5m round of TV advertising from September. Meanwhile, Walker said last year's novelty item the Quality Street Big Purple One would be back "by popular demand", joined by a second variant ­ Quality Street Big Green Triangle (both rsp: 36p). Little Rolo and Milkybar Munchies, both launched this year, will go into gift box formats pre-Christmas (£1.99), while Kit Kat and Yorkie will be put into gifting cans (£2.99). All Stars and Quality Street will also sport new looks with the former going into a new 510g party pack in time for the festive season (£4.99) and a 740g tub (£6.99). {{P&P }}