Arduenna Bear Salami

A salami made from bear meat is among the range of products being launched in the UK by speciality Transylvanian food brand Arduenna.

The range, which launches at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in September, also includes several other charcuterie products, such as venison salami and Transylvanian pepper sausage; cheeses such as truffle cheese and burduf cheese; preserves including sweet curry onion jam and clementine, orange, cardamom & chilli flakes marmalade; and cordial flavours including aronia berries, and wild blueberry lemon.

The company, which operates as a social enterprise, takes its name from a Celtic word for Transylvania – meaning high, forested mountains.

“Transylvania is one of the last untouched wildernesses of Europe and we want to keep alive their ancient crafts, production methods, tradition and local knowledge,” said Arduenna’s Dr Villo Lelkes.

“Our food is natural, often low in sugar, tasty and with a well-explained provenance. We source all our products from artisans and small family businesses. We are helping to keep alive traditional recipes many of which are hundreds of years old.

“Our bear salami is a real speciality and attracting a lot of interest. It is made by a family business which manages their own wildlife park as a concession from the state and tastes absolutely delicious.”

Romania is one of two EU countries, along with Finland, where due to large populations, brown bears are not protected animals. Licences to hunt them are given out by the state.