Robusta coffee brand Black Sheep Coffee is launching a Cold Brew Coffee next month.

The cold-brew product, which comes in two variants – a ready-to-drink and a condensed version (rsp: £3.49 and £3.99 for 200ml) – will launch into the company’s cafés in the first instance, but Black Sheep is already in discussions with national retailers interested in listing the product.

The company recently tested the drink, which uses Robusta rather than the more traditional Arabica beans, against rival iced coffee brands currently on the market at a lab at Cambridge University.

“The results for Cold Brew were very impressive,” said company co-founder Gabe Shohet. “It is by far the brewing method that yields the highest pH – and therefore the lowest acidity – and the highest caffeine of all methods, and as it is made using our own Robusta Revival beans, the effect is even more pronounced on both fronts.”

Cold brew coffee is a growing food and drink trend, with London-based brand Sandow’s (rsp: £3.95) launching earlier this year. The brand is currently listed in Selfridges.