Blend Bros savoury sauces

Start-up business Blend Bros has this month launched its first product, a high-protein sauce.

Available in flavours including kerala curry and tomato & chorizo, the Savoury Blend sauces are sold as a dry powder format to be added to hot water. They are available in a 990g tin containing 18 servings (rsp: £25), and single-serve sachets (rsp: £1.75). With no artificial colours or flavours, each 55g serving contains around 40% pea protein versus the 3% of protein found in typical cooking sauces.

Blend Bros has been set up by Charlie Dixon with the help of his brother Scott and father Gary, who work at family business MRC The Flava People.

“Through a love of working out and keeping healthy, I inevitably glugged more than a few gag inducing sweet shakes,” he said. “I believed there was an easier, more enjoyable way of increasing my protein intake without breaking the bank for steaks and chicken”

“People half expect the high protein content to be very noticeable and ruin the texture but the vast majority are astounded at how smooth and palatable we have managed to make the products.”

Dixon is now developing a sugar-free cooking and dipping sauce, and is also looking to expand into the snacking market.

Savoury Blend is currently sold through, is set to go on Amazon, and is in talks with Holland & Barrett and GNC.