giving tree broccoli crisps

A new snacking brand has created a crisp made from broccoli.

The Giving Tree, created by CHI coconut water founder Jonathan Newman, launched in Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic in July, and will go into Holland & Barrett stores later this month. As well as broccoli, the range includes six other veg and fruit-based crisps: pumpkin, mixed veg, mango, apple, strawberry and peach. Each flavour is available in 18-22g (rsp: £1.85) and 36-45g (rsp: £2.95) bags.

The brand’s fruit crisps are created by freeze drying, while the vegetable versions are vacuum fried in rice bran oil, a low temperature cooking process that results in a finished product that is only 2% fat. An 18g serving contains 70-85 calories, depending on the product.

Newman said he was hoping to get the brand into supermarkets. “Our product’s great for school lunches,” he said. “Children and adults are addicted to them, even the broccoli. They have the potential to be hugely scalable, because it’s basically raw crunchy fruit with only the moisture removed which retains all of the nutrition - and it is one of your five a day.”