whiskas cat soup

Mars Petcare has launched its first soups for cats: Whiskas Creamy Soups and Sheba Classic Soups.

Whiskas Creamy Soups come in Poultry, Fish and Meat packs with a promotional price of £3 (12x85g pouches). Launched as an everyday meal, the soup comes with 30% meat and 70% sauce. Already available in Russia, the brand said the product was “the first of its kind in the UK”.

The Sheba Classic Soups have launched as a more premium product, and are intended to be a complementary luxury treat. The soups are available in Chicken, Tuna and Ocean Fish & Vegetable varieties (rsp: £1.99/4x40g packs). Each pouch uses 100% real fish or chicken to “offer variety outside of their everyday meals”.

The Whiskas launch will be supported by £10m investment, which will include advertising across YouTube as well as in-store activity. Sheba will see £3m investment including a TV advertising campaign and in-store support. Both products are available nationwide.

“The super-premium cat soup segment is a huge emerging space, and is directly behind accelerating value in the petfood category,” said Arthur Renault, Sheba senior brand manager. “We have seen fantastic performance in other markets and we are confident that the UK will see the same success.”

“Whiskas Creamy Soups offers something completely new for cats - and our own consumer research has shown excitement and demand for innovation like this in the cat single serve category,” said Katie Griffiths, Whiskas brand director.