cepac arcwise packaging

Packaging specialist Cepac has launched the country’s first curved corrugated packaging.

The Arcwise corrugated cardboard product bends “to fit snugly around goods” and is designed for use in retail, consumer and transit packaging as well as in-store displays and gifting. The range includes wraparound, round-front, tray and bag-in-box packs.

Cepac says Arcwise, which is licensed from SCA Forest Products, offers “increased stacking strength” by removing the potential crush damage that can be experienced with square-edged packaging.

“We are always looking for ways to develop and improve our product offering. Cepac are delighted to be partnering with SCA Forest Products and launching Arcwise in the UK, and customer feedback has been exceptionally positive,” said Cepac’s group sales and marketing director Steve Moss.

“When we show customers the curved corrugated packaging, they immediately see its potential to offer them a point of difference for their products. It’s eyecatching, strong, efficient and very different to anything else that you can currently see on the shelves.”