chupa chups airheads

Perfetti Van Melle is expanding its Chupa Chups brand with Airheads bagged chewy fruits sweets.

The sweets are rolling out this month in a 50g bag (rsp: 60p) following a “successful” debut in the US. Each packet will contain five flavours - lemon, blueberry, strawberry, apple and orange.

The Airheads brand launched in the US in the 1980s as chewy strips, and was expanded with the individual chewy sweets just over a year ago.

PVM is backing the UK roll-out with POS material including dump bins, and will also be launching advertising and social media activity.

The company is hoping to tap the growth in the chewy sweets market, which is up 4.2% by value year on year [IRI snacking outlets 52w/e 11 October 2015].

“The launch of Airheads marks a real change for Chupa Chups,” said UK trade marketing manager Mark Roberts. “A great amount of planning has gone into the launch to ensure retailers find it as easy as possible to introduce Airheads into their shops, and that customers come in looking for them.”