Glorious BBQ sauce range

Fresh soups and sauces brand Glorious! has launched a barbecue sauce range inspired by Tennessee, Carolina and Korea. 

Created “not only to jazz up meat” as a marinade but also to be a condiment, the Tennessee Chilli Bourbon flavour is dark bourbon with a hint of chilli; Carolina BBQ is a mustard sauce; and the Korean BBQ variant ­features coconut, honey & ginger (rsp: £1.85/300g pot). They will be in various supermarkets from 13 June.

“So many places have their own unique way of combining incredible flavours to bring grilled meats and vegetables to life and we’ve taken inspiration from their authentic traditions,” said Claire Roper, brand and category innovation manager at Glorious!.

“The state of Tennessee is known for barbecue sauces that are sweet and sticky with a shot of bourbon whiskey, while Carolinians opt for a spoonful of mustard in theirs.”