Green's dessert kits

Cake mix brand Green’s has made its first foray into luxury dessert kits.

The Indulgent range, rolling into 280 Asda stores and independent retailers from 1 July, comprises four variants: Chocolate Profiteroles, Tiramisu, Chocolate Fondant and Salted Caramel (rsp: £2.29).

Each kit contains a sponge, pastry or biscuit crumb mix alongside other ambient ingredients, while consumers have to supply all the fresh ingredients, such as double cream, eggs and milk.

The quartet would tap demand for “affordable, easy-to-use luxury baking kits”, said marketing manager Neil Murray, adding the kits would help build consumer confidence in baking as all the dry ingredients were provided in the right amounts.

The ambient packs also had the benefit of a longer shelf life than chilled dessert kits launched in the past, such as Scratch and a Tesco own-label offering, he said.

“Chilled products have become more a meal for tonight or tomorrow with consumers having felt under pressure to make them before they go out of date, with rushed results,” said Murray. “Ambient desserts have the benefit of being made when the consumer has a bit more time to enjoy the process and show off their results.”

Brand owner Kerry Foods will be hoping the launch boosts sales Green’s, which declined 8% to £4.5m [Nielsen 12 months ending March 2015]. It is supporting the launch with a “significant” print and online advertising push.