Haribo Starmixmas

Haribo has launched its Christmas range, featuring a new Mega Stars Selection Gift Box.

The NPD is available in 300g (rsp: £2.49) and 600g (rsp: £4) sizes, is designed as a present with label that can be personalised.

The smaller box contains 4x75g of Starmix, Tangfastics, Super Mix and Giant Strawbs, while the larger format contains 6x100g bags of Starmix, Tangfastics, Super Mix, Goldbears, Jelly Babies and Giant Strawbs.

Haribo’s Yuletide line-up also features a cracker-shaped gift box filled with either Starmix or Tangfastics (rsp: £1.50/120g), Haribo Dorothy Box (rsp: £2/400g), and Share the Fun Tub (rsp: £5/720g).

A limited-edition version of Starmix, called Starmixmas, will also be available. The bag features Christmas-style flavours: eggnog egg, cherry trifle heart, apple strudel bottle, apple strudel & custard rings, and gingerbread bears (rsp: £1/200g).