Proper Pops

Irish free-from snack brand Proper Pops - made from milk-derived protein casein - has made its UK debut this week.

Sainsbury’s is carrying a Lime, Lemongrass & Garlic version of the ‘nutrient-rich’ snack from this week in 131 stores (rsp: £1.39). It will be available through distributor Marigold Heath Foods from November alongside two other flavours: Lemon & Chilli; and Paprika.

The snacks are produced by heating a mix of casein powder and water with a small amount of oil to cause the mixture to ‘pop’, said the brand, which is part of the Carton Group.

“The listings with Sainsbury’s and Marigold Health Foods are positive affirmation that there is currently an unmet need for a nutrient-dense, free-from snack,” said sales and marketing manager Sheila Gilroy Collins, adding the snack had taken four years to develop.