Simple Micellar Shower Gel

Simple has unveiled a shower product with micellar water – in what the Unilever skincare brand claimed was a category first.

Simple Micellar Shower Gel was designed to tap the growing micellar water trend that was responsible for a 20% uplift in the face care category last year, said Unilever.

Available now in 250g and 500g packs (rsps: £2 & £3), the NPD is made with the same ingredients as brand’s skincare products, teamed with micellar water – tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water said to provide gentle cleansing properties that draw out dirt and impurities.

“We are incredibly excited to be the first brand in the UK to bring a water-based micellar shower gel offering to our consumers,” said Nikki Comiskey, senior brand manager for skin cleansing at Unilever.

“Our heritage lies in face and skincare, so it felt like a natural step for us to bring this growing trend to the Simple range. We expect this to be a huge hit with micellar water lovers and bring new consumers into the category.”