spelga treasure pots yoghurt

Northern Ireland yoghurt brand Spelga has launched a new range of low-sugar pots for kids.

Made from wholemilk yoghurt blended with fruit purée, Spelga Treasure Pots have no artificial ingredients or added sugar, and are aimed at children from 18 months.

Available in Strawberry & Blueberry and Peach & Apricot variants (RSP: £1.49 / four 90g pots), they launched in Tesco and selected convenience stores across Northern Ireland last week, with more listings to follow.

“We were particularly keen to produce a wholesome children’s yoghurt to encourage dairy intake from a young age,” said Suzanne McKay, brand manager for Spelga.

“We worked hard to create the perfect taste and texture for young children and the result is a nutritious and creamy yogurt, which is easily spoonable and has an appealing, fruity flavour.”