Winterbotham Darby is launching a chilled Italian food brand spanning everything from pasta and sauces to bread and pizza.

Soli comprises 26 lines and will roll into 190 Waitroses on 18 May for a six-month trial period. All Soli products will be merchandised together and sit within a two-for-£5 promotion - a first for the Italian category, said Winterbotham.

Pitched as an “authentic and premium but affordable” brand, all the Soli products are made in Italy, apart from bread from the Netherlands.

The newcomer joins the supplier’s Continental-based Unearthed brand in store, which Winterbotham launched exclusively into Waitrose in 2008 using the same merchandising and pricing mechanics.

The business, which also supplies own label, predicted Soli would become an “even bigger brand” than its £20m stablemate because the products were “more mainstream” and would appeal to ‘dinner for tonight’ shoppers. “Having fully established Unearthed, our first major own brand, it was a natural next step to transfer our experience into the popular Italian category,” said brand manager Carrie Hollis.

Following the six-month trial, Soli would be reviewed and Winterbotham would decide with Waitrose whether all products should continue to be merchandised together, added Hollis.

Soli, a nod to the brand’s ‘only Italian flavours’, comprises pizza, filled and plain pasta, sauces, pesto, bread and antipasti (rsps: £2.99-£3.49).