Yoplait Super Fruitii screen shot

Yoplait Super Fruitii yoghurts are low in sugar and come in three flavours

Yoplait has jumped on the low-sugar and superfood trends with the launch of new yoghurt brand Super Fruitii, which contains ingredients such as aloe vera and goji berry.

The range is available in three variants: Mango, Papaya & Aloe Vera; Cranberry, Raspberry & Pomegranate; and Blueberry, Strawberry and Goji Berry (rsp: £2.50/4x100g).

Super Fruitii started rolling into Sainsbury’s stores in September as part of a soft launch with an introductory rsp of £1.50. Listings have also been picked up in Asda, Tesco and Morrisons.

The brand carries an ‘eat smarter, live super’ strapline, and boasts a sugar content some 30% lower than its competitors, Yoplait claims.

Yoplait is the latest brand to offer a lower-sugar yoghurt following the likes of Müller and Yeo Valley, and at a time when sugar content in the category is coming under intense scrutiny.

“Super Fruitii is a major platform for Yoplait and we have exciting plans for the future,” said marketing manager Joanna Abram. The General Mills brand is backing the launch with a six-figure shopper campaign from January.