Heinz has brought out a range of bottled dipping sauces that consumers can heat up in a microwave before pouring on their food. The company claims that the Heinz Dipping Sauces are a market first, in that they can be served hot or cold as either a condiment or dipping accompaniment.

The range consists of Rich Salsa, Garlic & Chives, Tangy Curry and Hot Tomato flavours, rsp £1.49. Consumers pour half a bottle into a microwaveable dish and then heat it for 30 seconds before adding to small dishes such as chicken wings or pizza. First year sales are expected to reach £1.5m and Nicky Cummerfield, senior brand manager for ambient dressings, predicted the range would be a hit with people who prefer snacks to big meals at the weekend.

“While families still like to sit down for a meal together during the week, at weekends they sometimes prefer to have a more informal pizza or range of small dishes for sharing in front of the TV,” said Cummerfield. “The Heinz Dipping Sauces really liven up meals and snacking.”

The company is also changing the design of its various mayonnaise products, including Deli Mayo, in order to have one consistent design across the entire Heinz Mayonnaise portfolio. It will also be putting its Heinz Mayonnaise and Heinz Salad Cream into PET plastic bottles.

Earlier this year, Heinz Tomato Ketchup was repackaged in PET, an easily recycled plastic which is lighter and more transparent than usual squeezy plastic bottles. The ambient dipping market grew by 8% last year, according to TNS.