Three importers stage new initiative to promote specialist Welsh cheeses Welsh aim for stronger brand identity in cheese Clive Beddall New York Welsh cheese could soon be given a stronger national identity on world markets. Shippers and distributors meeting during the 48th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York this week were discussing the idea of a new branded cheese which would "take a market position midway between the traditional commodity Cheddar stage and fancy varieties". One shipper told The Grocer: "It would be a big advantage if we could emulate the Irish who have done so well with their strong Dubliner variety in recent years." Talks are said to be at an early stage but Welsh executives believe the idea would sit well with the Welsh Development Agency's Wales ­ the True Taste initiative. Meanwhile in New York City this week a new initiative to promote specialist Welsh cheeses was launched. Developed by CAWS (Cheese Association Wales) in association with the Welsh Development Agency, it is being staged through three specialist UK exporters, Coombe Castle, Singletons and Somerdale. The aim of the project is to increase the volume sales of added value cheese from Welsh makers ­ South Caenarfon Creameries, Abergavenny Fine Foods, Gorwydd Cheese, Little Acorn Cheese, Llanboidy Cheese and Teifi Cheese. Meanwhile UK dairy shippers in NYC this week were more optimistic about US business prospects after the dip in consumer confidence during foot and mouth. North Downs Dairy Co export director David Beesley told The Grocer: "FMD was a hiccup that halted an upward sales trend but the market has now shown a distinct improvement. We are seeing steady growth." {{CANNED GOODS }}