Nisa is launching a new symbol fascia called Loco.

The fascia, which has Loco written in red and green on a white background, with a green leaf over the o, is being launched at the buying group's annual conference in Malta today as a secondary brand for retailers who want to open a store where there is already a Nisa store nearby.

Group symbol director John Heagney said the fascia was a low-cost option for retailers wanting to join a symbol group. Loco members would receive the same support as Nisa members, but with different trading terms.

It would be a symbol group in its own right with a brand that would appear on uniforms, in-store PoS and imagery. Consumer leaflets would also be sent out every three weeks and the brand would have its own website.

The first Loco will be unveiled in Newcastle next month at a new store owned by independent retailer Pervez Rehman and rolled out across the country over coming months.

"Loco allows smaller unaffiliated independents to develop and grow," Heagney added. "We have the ability and procedures in place to nurture these retailers. And due to the developments in our distribution infrastructure, we will be in a position to offer smaller and more frequent deliveries across all three temperature ranges in 2012."

Nisa would continue to be the company's primary symbol group, he added.