from Jenny Deeprose, Redhill, Surrey

Sir; I could not believe my eyes, when looking at the label on a Sainsbury’s own brand, four pint semi-skimmed milk carton.
I noticed an advert and money-off coupon for Alpro soya milk. ‘Dairy-free, low fat, with calcium, Try me free’, read the ad with a tear-off coupon worth £1.29.
Equivalent to advertising beefburgers on a vegetarian ready-meal, this is a real betrayal of UK dairy farmers.
With milk producers battling for a fair price, the dairy industry should not be party to offering the opposition prime ad space, or offering consumers money off a rival product costing more than the dairy milk itself.
n Sainsbury said in a statement: “The promotion on soya milk
was designed to offer an alternative to those who suffer from lactose intolerance. It was never positioned as competition. Our intention is always to support fresh British milk and we value our relationship with farmers. No future production will carry the promotion.”
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