Novelli is launching a branded range of cured meat snacks this month.

Novelli's Nibbles are miniature versions of saucisson a cured French sausage made from ground pork which will be sold in 90g wooden baskets in three variants: cumin, natural and original (rsp: £2.49).

Novelli already sells eight cured meat products through Konect Distribution to Morrisons and independent delis.

The new range is aimed at the multiples and Novelli and Konect also plan to sell the product to pubs as bar snacks.

Novelli was keen to act as an ambassador for authentic, high-quality foods from the Continent in the UK, said Konect director Marcus Mitchell.

The French chef is also working on a range of three thick tomato-based pasta sauces, based on family recipes, which will be launched in the UK in January 2011.