Ocado delivers Coca-Cola named bottles with personal touch

Ocado is this week giving away 100 free named bottles

Fans of Coca-Cola’s new personalised bottles can now order their chosen name from Ocado.com.

The online grocer has adapted its webshop and hi-tech automated picking lines at its RDCs in Hatfield and Dordon so that customers can choose from 150 names for 500ml bottles of Coke, Diet Coke or Coke Zero.

Ocado said the function saved customers the bother of searching in the supermarket for the name they wanted.

“Customers can simply choose theirs and add it to their basket with a simple click. This has proved extremely popular with Ocado customers who don’t want to have to search the supermarket shelves in the hope of finding their name,” said Lawrence Hene, Ocado’s director of marketing and grocery retail.

To promote the new bottles - launched as part of Coke’s Share with a Friend campaign - Ocado is this week giving away 100 free bottles carrying any name of the customer’s choosing.

Coke is also holding events across the country giving consumers the opportunity to buy bottles with any name - although X-rated and offensive names are banned.

At a Tesco in the Gorton area of Manchester this week, customers queued for up to two hours to get their hands on one of the limited-edition bottles. Queues were reported throughout the eight-hour event.

The personalised bottles have proved popular with consumers. Early in July, Coca-Cola added another 100 names to the 150 launched in April.

At the time, Coca-Cola said 120,000 messages had been tweeted by consumers who had found or been given a bottle with their name on, and claimed the initiative had been well received by retailers.

Londis retailer Bintesh Amin told Coca-Cola: “We have seen a genuine uplift in sales as people come in to search for their names.”