DS Dietary Specialities is to recruit mainstream consumers with the UK's first range of wheat and gluten free ready meals. MD Chris Hook said the frozen pasta meals were aimed at convenience shoppers whether or not they suffer intolerance to wheat and gluten. He said: "Our products taste the same as popular ready meals. We know demand for them has been stoked up by celebrities such as Geri Halliwell and Carol Vorderman endorsing restricted diets." Marketing manager David Hales said: "A special diet can involve sourcing ingredients from numerous outlets. Perfect Pasta gives wheat and gluten free eaters access to real food in a ready to cook format for the first time." Menus include Beef Bolognese Lasagne, Beef Bolognese Cannelloni, Tagliatelle Carbonara Chicken and Bacon and Spinach and Mushroom lasagnes. The 360g pasta range goes on shelves at Tesco and Sainsbury in May. {{MARKETING - P&P }}