Fest Facts!

Holsten Export is a premium lager brewed in accordance with the 'Reinheitsgebot' purity laws and is brewed to an authentic German recipe.

Holsten's Hamburg brewery produces more than 400 million pints of beer a year!

40,000 people are expected to attend the Bier Fest at London's Battersea Park this year!

The Holsten Bier Fest tent has a floor area equivalent to a football pitch containing 275 tables and 550 long benches

Thirsty fest-goers are expected to drink more than a quarter of a million pints of Holsten Export during the Bier Fest.

The bier hall has the capacity to hold 2500 people every night

60 waitresses dressed in traditional German costume will serve steins of Holsten Export along with German food.

One hundred beer taps will be used to fill the BIG steins of Holsten Export at the Bier Fest!

This year's Bier Fest will see the biggest line up of tribute bands ever, including performances from The Real Abba Gold, the Cheeky Monkees, The Sounds of The Bee Gees, Wham/Duran and Queen B

The BIG Bier Hall, BIG music, BIG plates of food and BIG steins of beer make the Holsten Bier Fest one of the BIGGEST events of the year!