Pringles on the king kong trail… Rock ‘n’ roll with kingsmill… Disaronno is the star of the show… Fat or fiction with McCain…

Budget £2m Manufacturer Procter & Gamble

New TV advertising for Pringles hit screens last Tuesday (November 15). The campaign is aimed at supporting the crisp’s King Kong on-pack campaign, which also includes online activity and rich media content on Yahoo and MSN.
Budget part of a £12m spend Manufacturer Allied Bakeries

A nerdy assistant trails The King around the world on his rock ‘n’ roll tour to make sure he gets a supply of Kingsmill bread in a commercial running now. The ad continues the King’s Mill theme and is part of a £12m marketing push until September 2006.
Budget £1m Manufacturer First Drinks Brands

Italian Amaretto liqueur Disaronno is the star of a new cinema ad campaign. The seven-week Pass the Pleasure Around campaign promotes the drink as a versatile tipple that can be drunk throughout the year but with Christmas as its key period.
Budget £1.5m Manufacturer McCain Foods

Running now, a new marketing push for McCain Oven Chips includes a PR educational campaign supported by TV and print advertising. The Fat or Fiction campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the 5% fat content of the chips.



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