The supermarket business is all about entertainment, and that's certainly the case with Safeway. Their Pavarotti Picnic in the Park bash in London last weekend, which raised half a million quid for the Prince's Trust, will go down as one of the year's best bashes. Of course, I was with other humble hacks on the far terraces at the 60,000 strong gathering while our esteemed editor joined the great and good of grocery in the third row, well able to stare down the great Italian tenor's finely tuned throat. Although a great time was had by all, there was a tinge of drama during the six hour proceedings. When Safeway boss Carlos Criado-Perez strode on stage and handed over his cheque, the Princes' Trust chappy thanked the supermarket chain and "all the Safeway customers out there". Alas, most of those seated near me were carrying their picnics in M&S bags and were most unhappy at being labelled in such a manner. {{COUNTERPOINT }}