company: Halewood Chalié Richards Wine Division
price: £4.99
Expert's verdict...20/25
?The One World series is made to retail in the competitive £5-per-bottle end of the market. Packaged in a modern, minimalist livery, the bottles should command strong shelf presence. Both wines tasted were clean and vibrant. The South African Chenin was crisp and refreshing, but lacked palate weight. The Shiraz was juicy and readily enjoyable. Both deliver the style you would expect from the packaging - easy to drink and uncomplicated. With the funky packaging, the One World drinker will easily locate these wines on-shelf.
Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, Thresher Group

Consumer's verdict...17/25
?I am mostly a red wine drinker, so I preferred the red to the white wine. I thought the red had a full body, flavour and aroma; it would go well with steak or stew. The white had a nice summery flavour; it would make a great accompaniment to any fish meal, with a light salad, eaten outdoors on a hot summer's day. The packaging is contemporary and modern, and I think the price is reasonable. For what you get, it is good value for money all round. I would definitely buy the red wine again.
Deon van der Merwe, 29, financial accountant, Cuckfield

Overall verdict...37/50
Company: Pierhead
Launch Price : £1.09
Today's Price: £1.09
Acid test verdict: 24/50

When Pierhead Purchasing introduced Brazilian beer Lokal to the UK, its aim was to cash in on 'an increased consumer demand for all things Brazilian'. A year down the line, Lokal has yet to achieve listings with the multiples. However, Pierhead insists the beer is doing well in the on-trade. Our buyer and consumer had doubts when testing the product a year ago and gave it a score of only 24 points out of 50. Issues included confusing labelling and the price - at £1.09 per 350ml bottle, it is more expensive than Stella Artois 330ml.