Waitrose flower delivery


Waitrose is starting to trial online flower delivery service in the London area this week, with plans to roll it out further.

Customers are be able to order flowers as they order their groceries online, and both will be delivered together. Prior to this trial, Waitrose used a separate website for flowers, WaitroseFlorist.com, meaning shoppers could not order groceries and flowers together.

This separate website is still open to customers outside of London.

Waitrose said the new service, which was launched on 12 September, is designed for customers purchasing flowers for themselves, as each is made up of a selection of seasonal flowers that remain a surprise until they arrive. The retailer said each bouquet incorporated the latest floral trends and colours for the season, which may include sunflowers and peonies in the summer months, lilies and roses in the autumn and hyacinths and tulips in the spring.

Each bouquet will be £15 and vary in size due to the variations of flowers. Each will arrive in a 54cm long x 24cm wide x 9.5cm tall box.

“We’re really excited to introduce this service to our online shoppers,” said Lucy Matthewson, horticulture buyer at Waitrose. “The element of surprise is something really fun and we hope our shoppers enjoy treating themselves to a beautiful bouquet for their home.”