It's hard to guess which will be the more sickening. Will it be patronising, wannabe MPs of all political shades donning crisp new Barbours and shiny green wellies before splashing through sodden meadows hunting rural votes? Or the ear-grating tones of a dotty William Hague, looking like Rory Bremner doing an impression of William Hague, boring us with his views on Europe? Either way, the grocery industry must expect to be targeted during the next four weeks. For when, as predicted, Blair and Co move back into Number 10 on June 8, one of their tasks will be to plan a wide ranging inquiry into the foot and mouth tragedy ­ a probe which will again put the food chain under the political spotlight. And given there are many groups with bright, new axes to grind when it comes to all matters food, the inquiry is certain to spice up the election speeches. Nothing wrong with that you may say. True. But, sadly, deeper thinkers around the agrifood arena fear that the state probe into the worst disaster to befall British farming could be hijacked by the "food loonies", those who get adrenaline fixes from targeting this industry. For many among this motley, yet increasingly vocal band of pressure groups are anxious to divert attention away from the real issues around foot and mouth, and re-create a Competition Commission-style inquiry into the retail chain, not to mention one into why a satanic food sector is slowly poisoning all the good folk of this land. The manic, self styled ginger groups who have filled the internet with such unmitigated rubbish about the food chain in recent weeks must not be allowed to turn the work of a responsible inquiry away from the real issues of the FMD crisis. Nor must the inquiry team be populated by apparently sane lobbyists who craftily disguise their own hidden agendas when it comes to anything remotely rural. A full review of systems and regulatory procedures is urgently needed after FMD. But sanity must prevail throughout the inquiry ­ however long it takes. Clive Beddall, Editor {{OPINION }}