We couldn't get hold of Edwina Currie, but we are confident she would have lined up behind the FSA and the Daily Mail in condemnation, so monumentally stupid was the decision this week to ban an ad about food (the old 'Go to work on an egg' commercial featuring Tony Hancock, in case you've been away). This is not the first time that a food that's natural and wholesome - as part of a balanced and healthy diet - has been banned from our screens, as our Weigh It Up! campaign in defence of honey, raisins, whole milk, olive oil - and others condemned by the Nutrient Profiling Model - attests. But, low in salt, fat, and sugar, eggs are so harmless, even the FSA enthusiastically endorses them, whether judged in a 100g measure or on any other scientific basis. In the current environment, one might have expected a bonkers judgement call like this from a regulatory authority, or a politician. But the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre is an independent industry watchdog, set up and paid for by advertisers and broadcasters to help them interpret Ofcom's regulations. So why are they making executive decisions that run contrary to the rulings of Ofcom and its advisers? The irony is that the argument used to justify this ruling - the importance of a balanced diet - is the same one we have used in our own campaign - as opposed to the isolated examination of a 100g 'portion' advocated by the Nutrient Profiling Model. But even common sense can be mangled in the hands of idiots. Never mind a Mars a day, or Slim-Fast, or Weetabix, or other food and drink that's promoted for regular consumption. If we can't eat an egg every day, heaven help other staples. Potatoes, bread, water? Nothing is safe.